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Our factory is the only French manufacturer of certified organic food.
A propos

The factory, which is located in the wooded countryside of Mayenne (France), produces organic and conventional pet food: kibbles and treats for dogs and cats.


Specializing in the production of dry food (conventional, coextruded, organic), our 1,800m2 factory boasts cutting-edge technology and is completely automated. Our production lines can handle quantities ranging from small batches up to 150 tons per month.


Our factory is the only French producer of organic dry food. The fresh organic meat used in our products comes exclusively from France.

About us

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Nos normes et labels

Our standards and labels


The production factory is approved by the French veterinary services in accordance with the regulations in force (regulations 178/2002 and 1069/2009).


Our production processes abide by HACCP principles and the standards of the field’s reference documents (FEDIAF and FACCO guides).


In addition, our organic products meet the standards of European Union regulation 834/2007 on Organic Agriculture and the French specifications for organic food intended for pets. We are AB BIO certified by ECOCERT.

Production process :

•  Procurement and handling

•  Receipt and storage

•  Quality control of raw materials

•  Dosage and mixing

•  Extrusion and coextrusion

•  Drying

•  Cooling

•  Coating (powder and/or liquid  materials)

•   Packaging


Throughout the process, the kibbles constantly undergo quality control with final inspections: quality (visual, textural, smell,etc.) and quantity (incorporation of materials, fresh products and coating factors).

 We also have the label "BPI entreprise innovante".



GRAIN-FREE options for dogs and cats

Large quantities of fresh meat added


New flavors based on the incorporation of exotic meat

Veterinary products


Fruits and vegetables in the superpremium  formulas


Addition of ingredients based on scientific research


Our factory

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