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Nos produits

Our products


SAUVALE PRODUCTION has developed appropriate, balanced recipes based on each animal’s nutritional needs.


We make filled and unfilled treats for dogs and cats. Whether you are looking for a treat to promote digestion, to improve your pet’s bucco-dental health or to reward your pet, SAUVALE PRODUCTION offers an extensive  selection of products that start at 60 g and come in a bag or box.

Production sur mesure

Our custom-made products

Custom made from

60g to 12kg

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SAUVALE PRODUCTION works with you to develop your own customized product line.


Our teams will assist you every step of the way:

Identification of your needs

Identification of your needs (animal’s age, size, health condition, new developments on the market, weight of a packaging unit, etc.), analysis of the existing product line where applicable, and determination of the target.


Specific recipe

A specific recipe will be created by our nutrition team based on your desires. A variety of formulas, which are developed in cooperation with veterinarians, will be suggested to you.


Raw materials and additives will be chosen carefully so that your product meets your specifications. The shape(s) and color(s) of your product will be determined together, in response to your needs. If you would like a shape other than one that SAUVALE PRODUCTION already makes (there are many to choose from), a new mold will be designed for you.


Trial production : during trial production, you can assess and/or test your product (the animal’s health, desire for the product, digestibility of the product).

Fresh Meat

SAUVALE PRODUCTION can add both conventional and organic meat to its kibbles and treats; this increases the pet’s desire for these products.

This addition will make your product even more tempting. Using our advanced technology, we can guarantee an amount of fresh meat in your customized product.

State-of-the-art technologie

Thanks to our continuous investments in our production facilities, our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to produce quickly and optimised products.

The production process, from the reception of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, is fully automated.


SAUVALE PRODUCTION is the only French factory that makes its filled kibbles using a coextrusion process.


Extrusion makes it possible to accentuate raw materials as much as possible, and it makes food highly digestible and promotes maximum breakdown of starch.

Certification BIO

SAUVALE PRODUCTION is certified as AB BIO by ECOCERT. We manufacture dog and cat food that is

made 100% from organically produced ingredients.

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